World Wars 2 Walkthrough

World Wars 2 is a classic Flash game that is simple, inituitive, and yet requires quite a bit of strategy to play.

1. The premises of the game is to capture all the tiles on the board with your army.

2. In World Wars 2, your army may invade adjacent tiles. When you do so, there will be some dice roll. The number of dice that you may roll depends on the size of your invading forces.

3. If you have a higher dice roll that your opponent, you will successfully invade your opponenet tile.

4. At the end of your turn, you get random reinforcement on each tile that you own. The amount of reinforcement depends on the number of tiles that you control.

5. Each turn in World Wars 2, you will also get cards that give you advantages such as bombardment, fortification, and air raid.

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