This is the picture of a train image in Trainstation. TrainStation is a Facebook game, developed by Pixel Federation. This is where you can build trains, send them to various destinations and build your own train station.

Below is the description for this game from the developer.

You can assemble trains of your choice, either single wagon-type trains or mixed trains. The fundamental rule is that you are not able to mix passenger/mail carriages with cargo wagons in one train setup.

Every train has to pay tax upon leaving the station. This tax depends entirely on the type of locomotive you use in the particular train setup. The government always gets their piece of the action.

The picture depicts the Halloween trains and decorations.

From time to time, Express trains arrive at your as well as at your neighbour’s station. You can’t tell when the Express trains will arrive, so watch for them carefully. Taking care of Express trains, either yours or neighbour’s, gives you extra resources and extra experience points.

Flags have a limited lifespan of 7 days, so don't forget to place a flag at your neighbours' station regularly.

The station screen is where the major part of your train fun happens. You dispatch trains, collect profit from returned trains, collect mail or build various buildings and enhancements around your station, everything is in this main screen.

If you want your friends to join the fun and play TrainStation with you, just invite them and become neighbours! Having your friends as neighbours in TrainStation offers many benefits. If your friends need more passengers, erect a flag at their station to temporarily raise their passenger income rate.

This is a picture that shows that we can manually loading your cargo trains in the loading docks. This gives you extra experience points as well as extra materials.

A flag expires after 7 days from its placement, provides an extra +10% passenger income rate and every player is allowed to have maximum of 10 flags at his station.

Notes from MabelGames

TrainStation is special in the graphics. You can click and drag your mouse up and down to change the angle at which you view your station. While most gameplay sessions can last just a few minutes, you can play for a long time by catching the floating mail packages that appear at random on the gameplay screen.

Having said that, however, the game is …..hmm….I would say, slow to load. Hopefully Pixel Federation will be fixing this issue as loading time is important criteria.

All in all, I like the colorful graphics though with construction yard and material building. If you like to experience with trains, I feel that this is a refreshing game theme in Facebook games.

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