The Flying Pig

The game is called The Flying Pig. This game is pretty similar to Flying Dog. The title is almost similar here too. Wow…there are so many flying animals nowadays. Pet games are always a hit because they are a break free from the more complicated games like Frontierville or Nightclub City.

The Flying Pig is a cartoon-like game, with a little violence feature. The goal is to get your pig to fly as far as possible without being stopped by any dangerous objects, such as being hit by a truck.

This is where the game becomes interesting as the place is filled with goats, wooden stakes, couches and all other little details.This is where it is so care free and fun if you’re not looking for a brain challenge.

The game lets you challenge friends and compare your score against everyone on facebook to see who’s the best. Overall, this game is a lot of fun and very simple to play.

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