Stylish Girl 2 Walkthrough

Play Stylish Girl 2Ok, there are a few hard levels for Stylish Girl 2, especially to pass through Emily and Madison. So here is the walkthrough.


Black tank, black tee, black leather jacket, jeans, black tights, black mini, gray/black punky ankle boots
***MAKE SURE you buy the the helmet for the motorcycle date



Khaki cargo pants, red bubble vest, tennis shoes, brown sandals hiking backpack, blue boho shirt

***DO NOT wear jewelry. DO buy one plaid shirt from the store

Interesting date in Stylish Girl 2


BLACK HEELS with every outfit EXCEPT the outdoors one

Black knee length skirts, Long black trench coat, black button shirt with white cuffs

***COMPANY PROMOTION AWARD: Long red dress, black heels, diamond necklace, diamond earings & both diamond bracelets, and silver clutch/bag***



Black necklace w/ orange IN EVERY outfit EXCEPT the yoga one, white bag with gold trim, orange skirt, teal scarf, brown side bag with beading, teal necklace, brown sandals, long yellow cardigan, black heels.


Oh yeah, try not to buy any stuffs until you get to Emily and Madison!

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