Profit Making in Monster World

Planting fruits in the farm.Monster World in Facebook is a social game because it must be connected through the network of friends. Also get to know more about woogoo pump in this Facebook game online.

This review is about maximizing money because without money, it is not enjoyable in the Facebook social gaming. Here are a few additional facilities to help us to get more money in the farm:

A. A robot that can help in harvesting.

B. Woogoo is also a robot that helps you harvesting. You need woogoo points for every harvest. A robot for harvesting 10 plants in one time costs 10.000 coins for example and with the first robot you get 50 woogoo points for free.

C. Empty spaces that we can use to install more equipments.

Woogoo, Robot and Space

You can build monsterious machines in the empty spaces. It keeps the mystery of not revealing the type of machines, expecting them to come out later, thus keep the suspense for us. Ha!

Monster World Facebook Machines

Select the installation you’d like to install. The price will be located at the bottom of the coin. Install the selected facility. As simple as that.

For Woogoo, you can get more by asking friends to send to you. However, you can’t copy links for woogoo the same way you can with plants. So the only way to do it is to gift woo goo or send a request, which you can only do once a day.

Parts of the pump must also be present to complete your woogoo pump. Again, request from friends.

Finish your woogoo pump

Sometimes when we do not have the time to click, the warning sign will appear. If you risk it, the woogoo pump may be broken and stops. You need additional parts to repair it.

Woogoo warning sign

Of course if a repair needs to be done, click on the broken pump, and a repair menu will appear.

Woogoo pump broken

Ask a friend for parts and free gifts. Of course he also reaps, but with the low possibility of getting the part, it is good for you too as you get free gifts from him.

If you have all the parts, repair can be done and the woogoo pump will be activated. Yoohoo, go go Monster World.


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