Monster World: How to earn more woogoo

Purple monster beside the pool. Monster World is one of the Facebook adventure games by Wooga. Want to earn more woogoo? Here’s how. Read on.

Do you remember the harvester? Yeah it sucks, it eats your woogoo to harvest plants something your character does for free, and the only real bonus to it was the speed of it…. well that and it comes with a 50 woogoo gift package.

Harvesting plants

Here is the key if you sell it back you get 2000 coins, but you get to keep the 50 woogoo.  So as long as you still have 10,000 coins you have access to 50 woogoo and you can get 2000 of that money back.

You will never have to worry about woogoo to make products again.

To sell your Harvester in Monster World:

  • Click on your “Decoration-Shop” tab (looks like an artist’s palette&brush).
  • On the left side of the new window, there is a cash register.
  • You can pick-up items from your garden and cash them in, by dropping them on the cash register.
  • You can’t sell “constructions” (baby’s stuff) ; but you CAN store them if you wish ▬ gets them out of your garden.

Hooray! Let me know if you manage to sell it. Or if you have better ideas, share it here to exchange ideas.

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UPDATE JULY 19: I have been informed by Monster World gamers that we can no longer earn woogoo through this way for a while now. If you have other ways, feel free to share in the comments column below.


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