Monster World

Monster World is a cute game developed by Wooga and introduced to Facebook. If you are tired of always seeing human doing farming, this is a bit of twist into the game as Monster World is all about creatures and robots for the main characters here.


Your goal in Monster World is to create the coolest garden. First start with choosing your monster family. Here there are The Buzzies, The McFurs and The Blobs. This is so cute and take away the stress that you have from running the daily errands as this seems to be the land from cartoons.

In Monster World, harvest your lemonade bushes and the lemonade will be kept in your storage. You will then be prompted to click on your storage of the lemonade to plant new lemonade bushes. While waiting for your plants to grow, you can visit your friends’ gardens and help out at their gardens. Lemonade bushes only take a few minutes to grow, so by the time you come back to your garden, they are all ready to be harvested.

There is a robot here that acts as a seller here. Ironically, the robot’s name is Robert. Sell some plants to him and earn some money from there. I like the robot’s cheerful mood here. When you sell the plants to him, he will wave his robotic hands up in the air and walk away in a joyous manner. He will wait for you no matter how long it takes, especially for the plants that take longer time to harvest. How nice is it if it is the case in the real world, huh?

There is a panel to decorate your garden. Choose your summer items like pool, chairs and decorative items. Different items like paths and rivers can also make your garden look interesting.

With World Cup fever now, you can even choose items related to it and put in your garden. With your earnings that you have, you can buy the items and decorate whichever way you like, to kill the time while waiting for your plants to grow. This makes players to be busy and occupied, which I think kind of make this game interesting.

For other plants other than lemonade, they requires longer period to grow. Beautiful flower plants requires a couple of hours to be ready. So you can plant the seeds first and then leave it to grow. Here the plants have different names in the monster world, they are named as Candy Cane, Monster Cactus, and Heart Plant.

When you have planted your plants, do not forget to water them! Over here, there is a twist in the game. You could not water the plants as what you can usually do in other games. Here, you have to hire your friend to water your plants for you. The catch is, you have to feed your monster friend with food so that they will not eat your plants when they are hungry. Feed them well and for as long as you need while you are away from your game here.


Colorful graphics match the Monster World theme here, which has plenty of plants and decorative items. Cute monsters too! I am glad Monster World do not have eerie and ugly looking creatures here to work on the gardens.


There is a sound each time you harvest your plant. And no music for the game. So there is nothing much to describe about the sound here.


Monster World is a cute and easy game to play with. And it is very occupying and addictive when playing it. I can say this game is a relieve from the tension and stress while you can help up your friend’s gardens too.

Personally, I would give this game 4 out of 5 ratings.

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