Market Street Walkthrough

Shopping, shopping…the favorite past time for most people during all seasons. Gamers who like to play shopping games will be having a new Facebook game called Market Street.

1. You will need a display to sell your products. Click on the display icon to buy one.

2. When you start to play Market Street, you will be automatically granted some products to sell. Open your stockroom to view your products and then, click and drag the items onto your display rack.

3. For decorations, you can choose plants, windows, or banners to display in your shop. Decorate your shop to create a nice and inviting place for your customers. I particularly enjoyed putting plants and moving the decorations around to suit the rather small room.

4. Remember to check frequently to the To Do list. Follow the list to complete the tasks provided. You can advance faster through the levels this way.

5. Check the status of your store performance at the green smiley. Click on it and it will show how well you are doing.

6. Try to put more products and keep your store full of display. The more you put there, the more you’ll earn and get more customers.

7. Invite more neighbors to come in to play Market Street with you. The more you have, the fun it will be.

8. To advance through the levels, go back to the To Do list as often as possible. Stick to the tasks and it will be very easy to play this game.

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