Mall World

Mall World makes you the owner of a fabulous boutique. Earn money by stocking items in your store to sell for a profit.

The below is the gameplay from the game’s fan page.

Other ways to make money are the Squeaky Clean bonus, where you tidy up your friends stores, and the Dressing Room Game, where you create outfits for customers. Use the money you earn to buy new stock, decorate your store, or go shopping! The more you participate in the game the more your will level up. As your level climbs, you will be able to unlock aspects of the game, like more clothes and additions for your store.

There is also the occasional gifts for gamers with the gift surprises.

Start by stocking items in your store. Your merchandise will sell over time as customers come in and find things they like. You can also help customers by using the Dressing Room game to make a sale. Or you can help friends and neighbors tidy up their stores through the Squeaky Clean bonus. A great way to make more money is to have a lot of neighbors that send you gifts. Then you sell them for 100% profit! Or you can help your friends to earn money by sending them a free gift!

Moxie is how your measured as a store owner. You can keep track of how much moxie you have by hovering over the five stars up at the top left of the playing area. This will show the Daily Moxie Checklist. The more things you do on the checklist, the more stars you receive! The more stars you receive, the more sales you make!

Notes from MabelGames

Mall World has a similarity with Market Street by manning a shop, ordering your clothes online and waiting for it to be delivered to your store. While in Market Street it is slightly difficult to get alliance/ neighbors, in Mall World, there is an available list of people who plays Mall World at the bottom of the screen for you to add.

There is also customers who walks into your shop who are your friends, you can change their outfit/ look and then publish it to notify your friends. I find that the large image of customers who walks in rather overwhelming and blocks your view in the shop.

Other than this difference, I feel that Mall World have some bugs that makes it difficult for gamers to play with, especially beginners. I have tried to add display items such as racks, but there is always an error there. With the enhancement on the bugs, I believe this game is more fun to play with.

However, I would say that the graphics in Mall World are rather cool with the outfit details, dresses, bags, shoes, with the outlook on the customers/ shop owner’s total outlook. Other than this feature, I would say that I still prefer Market Street for the shopping game.

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