Ginger Bread House

 It’s almost just 10 days countdown before Christmas! Have you started your baking? Get into the Christmas mood by switching on the Jinggle Bell song and what is better than baking some goodies to get the nice aroma in the house? Mmm…Sara’s Cooking Class has the recipe to bake Ginger Bread House today. If you click on the recipe button, you will get the recipe as well. 

When you start the game, there will be a top right corner at the screen that has the pictures of the items you need to get ready to place on the table. It took me the first couple of minutes to get started as I was not aware that I am supposed to get the instruction from the pictures as the game is distracting with pretty colorful furnitures and I am so tempted to click on the fridge and cabinet doors.

Start by mixing in the dry ingredients first. Take out the flour, baking powder, cinnamon, ground cloves and salt. Then set it aside. Now prepare mixing the wet ingredients to make a batter. Take out the butter and mix with sugar till the batter is smooth before adding the eggs and the dark molasses. When the wet ingredients are ready, pour the dry ingredients into it and mix again. Mix, mix, mix….while jingle all the way through the baking. I am so excited thinking of the festive mood!

After that you will need to take out the plastic wrap on place on top of the bowl and set it aside in the refrigerator for some time. Don’t worry, all the instructions are given in the game, just follow as you go along. When the time is up, take it out and roll it..roll a few times to make it into a nice flat surface.


Ho Ho Ho!! The bread is almost there. Cut it into nice ginger bread house shapes. The cutter are prepared and you just need to place it on the bread according to the sequence. After that you will need to put into the warmed oven and wait till it’s baked!

Ting! The bread is baked and take out…make into the house shape by sticking it with icing sugar. Now is the most fun part, decorate with lots of colorful sugars. Yummy!

I find this game very nice as I am preparing to get into the festive mood. This is a simple and relaxing game, nothing stressful and taxing the mind at all.


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