Flying Dog

Flying Dog is a somewhat sequel to the game Jumping Dog. This time player will take control of a circus elephant that help will sent your trusty little dog flying! The game is developed by Social Games and to me this is considered as one of those quick games that allow people to kill time while waiting for something to be done.


The game is rather simple or at least it sound simple. You will be in control of a circus elephant and your goal is to assist your little dog to fly as far as it can. All the players have to do here is to use the mouse to move the elephant’s trunk and give your dog little boost.

The control takes a bit of getting use to and for newcomers it can take a few minutes of trail and error here. The control is rather flimsy and a few times I find myself hitting air or just sending my dog a few meters flying in front of me. The part that is a bit troublesome is that after you click on the skip button a few times, the game will ask you to invite your friends.

Once you do get used to the control, the game can actually be really fun to play with. Once you manage to assist your dog off the ground, the game will actually calculate on how hard you manage to push your dog and the altitude it’s flying. Everything depends on luck in this game. If you manage to send your dog flying in a very good position and land on the correct spot! Your dog can actually fly for over 2 minutes continuously.

The game itself does have some extra power ups on the ground where your dog may land. Green Bloated Frogs will give your dog a weak “Bounce” and sending it flying up towards the sky again while the bigger Purple Version will have a more powerful “Bounce” when your dog lands on it. However, players might like to keep an eye on a certain brick wall that is lying all around the circus ground. Hitting into one of those can really hurt and ends the game from there.


The graphic in this game is the same as the one you find in Jumping dog. Cute and very cartoony like characters with plain background. If you are able to lift your dog high enough towards the sky, you might actually see some flying birds or UFO, but nothing really amazing if you ask me.


No music in this game, but the sound effect is done rather nicely. With sound like boink and the usual bouncing sound, you don’t really get much out from think game.


This is an easy and very fast game. However it is not as addictive as Jumping Dog.

I give this game a 3.5 out of 5 rating.

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