Fashion World

The title of this game catches my attention, Fashion World. At first I thought this game is all about creating and tailoring clothes to be in a fashion show, just like the fashion designer competition on the TV. I was so excited in playing this game as I would like to see how people tailor made clothes from scratch. How does this game Fashion World really works?


When the game loads, I realize that this game is about tailoring clothes, yes…I got this part correct. But another part I did not guess it correctly. This game is not for fashion designer competition or show! The clothes that players made in this game will be sold to customers in a shop. Oh…this is a game about making money again? Perhaps developers can consider some games with refreshing themes which is outside the shopping niche.

But to be fair, this game does have its interesting side. This game is about sewing clothes and sell it on the spot for those that come in to the shop. Click on a sewing machine to create new clothes. Each clothing has 3 steps to be ready, sewing, cutting and sewing buttons. You can choose the clothes to sew in the Fashion Catalog.

The clothes can be tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories or special items. All the clothing have their different duration to take. Then for the tops, you have different kinds of tees: custom made tee, summer tee, feels much better when we go shopping for clothes. I certainly appreciate clothes manufacturer that has to go through all these details to make one shirt. Hmm….

After you have made the clothing, take them to empty shelf. You can hang them or place them over the shelves. Customers will then walks in, and voila! They will buy from you, sometimes try out in the changing room before buying them. This steps are quite easy to play with.

A sewing machine can only produce one type of clothing at one time. So go buy as many sewing machine as you can after you earn some money.You can also buy all the display items like racks, storage, changing room and so on.

Customization… this is where you can personalize your tops. You can choose your models, designs, patterns, details and then choose the colors. Mix and match and get your design! This is a straightforward game if you ask me. This design will then get sewed as usual in the three steps at the sewing machine.

In Fashion World, what amuses me is that the customers just automatically pick up what you have given them. If you just have one kind of shirt, all the customers that came in will follow and buy what you have in store for them. Just concentrate to sew as many clothing as you can and they will all get snapped up within seconds!


Very cute graphics here. I like the details of the clothing in Fashion World, though the shop can have prettier background and setting here. Color is a plus point for this game as once your store if full of clothes, bags, shoes of different colors, your shop will look kind of inviting to customers. Starting point will be a bit bland for your shop as you only have few items to start with.

To see the example of how a full shop look like graphically, you can also view your neighbor’s shop while playing Fashion World. One function that is no stranger to those who play social games in Facebook. Wow…I am impressed on how this shop looks. You can see the little details on the shop, together with the display cabinets.


The music is having a catchy tune. Just lack the sound effect even when I received my cash from my sales. The music keeps repeating here, but that is not really my main concern for the game here.


I was kept occupied with Fashion World for…not for very long, I would say. Actually I would prefer the customers let us know what they want and we manufacture it. This will make the game more interesting rather than keep on having the same steps for the game. Anyway, you can try this game out to see for yourself.

Personally, I would rate this game a 2 out of 5 ratings.

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