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Quenching Your Thirst in Facebook Fruit Ninja Frenzy


Facebook Fruit Ninja Frenzy is similar to its original game Fruit Ninja, where players must chop as many pieces of fruits into half as they can in a given time, just like a ninja. How fast you can chop depends on how fast your finger can click on the mouse.

In this game, players will earn points, normally a single point, for each fruit they slash. But some fruits worth more than the other. So, chop wisely. During the given one minute, they must be careful in order to avoid the purple bombs that will lead to point subtraction if they accidentally hit them. It seems like not much things to be achieved when you are just slicing every single fruits with a single point earned. Not to worry, as Facebook Fruit Ninja frenzy achievements are ready for your exploration. There are various types of achievements in the game that can be earned while playing. For example, you can get a bomb lover after you hit a minimal of three bombs, earning extra fifty points. Besides, you can earn fifty bonus points by scoring a three digits score with the same three digits number. Another earning method is by hitting only one type of banana, where you can easily grab an extra thirty points. Remember to try all sorts of combination to earn new achievements. That’s the fun part of the game.

The same bonus bananas appear in Facebook Fruit Ninja frenzy too. This indeed is a great help to players. Depending on what you do during the game, bonus points are given as well as wrap up score and Juice. As per the Facebook Fruit Ninja frenzy achievements guide, you can obtain a Juice through the Sensei’s Wheel or buy with Facebook credits besides unlocking it throughout the game as you play. One of the importance of the Juice is to buy Smoothies. They allow you to get extra power through bananas as well as rendering the bombs. There are many different types of Smoothies available, which can be unlocked with Starfruit. However, all Juice will be gone. Similar to Juice, Starfruit can be unlocked via Sensei’s Wheel or buy with Facebook credits but it is not available to be unlocked by just playing the game. In contrast, it can be unlocked via achievements. Starfruit can be used to unlock Smoothies, blades and walls.

Simplest Way to Earn Rewards in Facebook Fruit Ninja Frenzy 


Unlike on mobile devices, Facebook Fruit Ninja frenzy enables you to compete against your Facebook friends as leaderboards are available. Eventually, you may share your achievements on your wall. This game is definitely addictive and leading many players wanting for more achievements, resulting in Facebook Fruit Ninja frenzy cheats and hacks. They sort of guide players in cheating for more points. Anyway, playing the Sensei’s Wheel is the simplest way to earn rewards. It is however, limited to a spin per day. Some of the rewards that you may get from this additional game are Juice, Starfruit, extra spins and bonus meter additions.

The game made available on Facebook is a smart move. More players can join in the tournament and challenge friends in their list who plays the game. So, whoever are not playing yet, start playing Facebook Fruit Ninja frenzy now.

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