A Review on Facebook Angry Birds

Facebook Angry Birds Is Still A Popular Game


Facebook Angry Birds is a game played on Facebook, originally started as a mobile app game. They are the same version where birds are launched from a giant slingshot to aim or collapse the structures to destroy the pigs. The difference is that the action is controlled with a mouse instead of screen touch. It is a free game but additional features or power-ups have to be purchased.

Facebook Angry Birds now available and works very well. Like other games, it incorporates social features offering leader boards so that you can compare your scores with your friends who are playing the game. Some advantages of the game includes no invitation of friends is required and no begging of gifts. Similarly, the player of Facebook Angry Birds will control the multi-colored birds that are attempting to retrieve eggs taken away by a group of green pigs. These green pigs are protected by structures made out from various materials such as wood, stone and ice. The objective is to destroy and eliminate all the pigs by launching the birds to hit the pigs directly or destroy the structures which will collapse on the pigs, destroying them. Eliminate all the pigs in order to move on to the next round.

As mentioned, the game is available to play while you logged into Facebook enabling you to play Facebook Angry Birds against your friends who have the app. To add fun to the game, you can even brag on your friends’ wall when you beat their high scores on each level besides competing with them. For those who are not playing the game, you may send them an invitation to invite them to play Angry Birds on Facebook. Like most of the other games on Facebook, you can make in-app purchases to get items that will help you to improve. For examples, you can purchase item that will help you to aim your birds better in destroying the pigs. Besides, you will be given rewards everyday when you play the game. Getting rewards are part of the fun in any games.


Facebook Angry Birds’ Power Up And Graphics

However, it will seem repetitive if you have been playing a lot on your smart phone as the levels are the same. For Angry Birds lovers who don’t mind playing over again and again will truly enjoy Facebook Angry Birds as the graphics are greater, able to play against Facebook friends, getting rewards everyday and most importantly, lots of fun. Not forgetting the cool animations and the interesting soundtracks. You will definitely want to explore more on the Facebook Angry Birds game. Thus, you may check out the power-ups available on Facebook game shop. Bear in mind that power-ups are limited. Once you have none, you have to buy or ask from friends. Power-ups will enrich the game, so, it is still possible for you to enjoy the game without any payment.

This game may be very addictive as you want to eliminate the annoying pigs at every levels. You can enjoy playing with your friends with the availability of Facebook Angry Birds now.

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