City of Wonder Walkthrough

Playdom has just released a new Facebook game, City of Wonder. This is the same developer for Market Street, Tiki Farm, Fashion World, Wild Ones and Social City. Here is the walkthrough for City of Wonder.

1. When you see the icon with a person, click to move your first resident in.Residential buildings bring new people into your civilization.

2. Click on the garden to make goods. Make goods in workshops for your civilization to prosper.

Start the production by choosing which vegetables you want to plant.Peas, carrots, garlic and onion….

3. Click on other garden to sell your goods. After that, clean your workshop with a click.

4. Click the build tab to start building. Build residential houses, workshops, marvels, military buildings and more.

5. Click on the Monolith. Then place it onto your empty land. Cultural buildings increase your population happiness.

6. Click Research to invest in technology. Technologies unlock new buildings and more technologies.

7. Click Research to start Agriculture. Discovering Agriculture will give you new buildings and advance your civilization.You will be rewarded with extra points and you can now build more buildings to your city.

8. To continue to play City of Wonder, remember to monitor your to-do list at the New Task tab on the top right corner.

9. Visit Sophia’s house often to collect coins. This is extra bonus for gamers.

10. Continue to build your city by clicking on the different tabs for buildings. There is an exciting and very detailed types of building at the building tab. This is very attractive and make this game surreal for gamers.

I will be updating more details about City of Wonder game in the coming posts. Meantime, I think it is fun and engaging to see a lot of details for this city building game making it a slight twist from the usual city games.

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