Bubble Island

Bubble Island is a story about a young and brave raccoon in search of great adventure. In this game you play as a raccoon trying to solve various types of puzzle with your magical bag of endless bubbles. The game was produced by Wooga Games and this is considered a clone of many puzzle game that came before. Today we at Mabel Games will take a look at how Bubble Island stand out among the rest of the bubble games out there.

You first start off with a few easy stage and introduction on how the game works. Bubble Island has simple and basic stuff which players usually get from puzzle games.

The game mechanic works rather simple and easy for anyone to pick up. Your main goal is to complete a set of bubbles with the same color as fast as possible. If player takes too long to think where to place their bubble, the ceiling will drop slowly until the bubbles hanging on the wall hit the ground. This game does require a bit of strategy planning here. At times with a careful placing of the bubbles, players can eliminate a whole row of bubbles with just a few shot. This is rather fun, but it does get a lot harder once you reach to the middle of the maps.

Once you get to the desert zone area, players must bear in mind that the game bubble will shoot automatically in just 2 seconds. Players must think fast and react accordingly to get past this zone. This is consider the HARD part of the game as the bubbles are all mix up and very hard to breakthrough.

Players can play solo, but it will get rather dull after trying to go through the same old map like 4 to 5 times during a reload. So friends is strongly encourage to play along with players later on in the game as they can unlock certain save point for players to continue where they left off.

Addition to the map and the bubble puzzle, I do notice that the game has something call “extra life”. This is use to trade off in case you somehow got into trouble and lose a stage. If you run out of life, gold can be use to trade off as a second chance in the game as well.

Players will also be able to go back to previous maps and replay some of the older puzzle if they desire too.

Very cartoon animation, I personally like the raccoon a lot. The character itself will provide lots of smooth and wonderful animations like worried expression and excitement. Failed in the mission can be rewarding seeing your raccoon’s eye pop out. Classic!

Very entertaining music and also the same old popping of bubble sound, not much to comment on that part really.

The same old puzzle game you may have come across, but still entertaining nevertheless.

Rating for this game is 3.5 out of 5.

Bubble Island Links

1) Facebook– You must have a Facebook account to play Bubble Island

2) Bubble Island Application at Facebookhttp://apps.facebook.com/bubbleisland/

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