Bowling Buddies

Bowling Buddies is a bowling game developed by the Playfish which has a long record of successful games like Hotel City, Pet Society and Restaurant City. This week we will check out Playfish Bowling games and see how good it is.

This is a bowling game so the rules are all the same. You will have a bowling ball and your goal is to hit as many strike as possible. The gameplay is also fairly easy once players get the hang of the control system. Personally to me the odd of getting a strike is to know where and how much power to throw the ball at.

The game is presented in full 3D. Players will be presented with a character creation screen before they get to jump into the main game. The character creation screen is rather easy to follow, just choose either male or female and you get to dress them up a bit.

Once players are done with the character creation screen, players will then be offered the main menu. Players will get to either challenge other players to a match or play under practice. Practice is like a single player mode where your score will be updated once you finish a round. Reward will also be provided to players once they completed a match. The money earn can then be use to customize your avatar to make it stand out among your friends.

After the players get over with the practice mode, players might like to take a look into the challenge mode. The gameplay is the same except that once the match is over; players will then have to wait for their friends to challenge back and to see how much they can score so you can do a comparison.

The game is in full 3D, from player’s character to the bowling alley. I really like how the developers do with the bowling alley as you may have notice that you are not alone when playing the game. From all side you will see that there will be activities going on and also other AI players try to score in their bowling game.

Not much comment really, but the sound is authenticating enough to make you feel that you are there, minus the part of your friends laughing at you when you missed your shot.

For me this game is just a sort of game that will allow you to kill sometime while waiting for your date or while you are free during lunch time in the office. There is nothing more you can expect from bowling games unless you are really a fan. I find it myself that I only spend maybe a few minutes into the game when I feel like it.

I give this game a 3 out of 5 rating.

Bowling Buddies Links

1) Facebook– You must have a Facebook account to play Bowling Buddies

2) Bowling Buddies Application at Facebook

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