Backyard Monsters: Collecting Mushrooms

It has been some time since I played Backyard Monsters. Today I went in and play again and it has been fun collecting mushrooms in the backyard today.

From the Quest, you can get the instructions to pick the mushrooms.

Just click on the mushroom then choose “Pick” to get your workers to harvest the mushrooms.

After harvesting the mushroom, your workers will get Shiny. Otherwise, you might not get Shiny if the mushrooms are not having good quality.

After completing the quest, you can get the rewards for it. Keep on harvesting mushrooms when you have to get more Shiny!

Below are some details about mushrooms and Shiny:

  • Mushrooms grow at a rate of 3-5 every 24 hours.
  • You cannot grow more then 20. (This comes from the developer)
  • Shiny is the only thing in the game that is worth actual $$$.
  • The Shiny placed in each person’s yard belongs to them.
  • It is meant as an advertisement for Shiny to each person individually.
  • It is not meant to create a supply where you can buy things easily from the store.
  • It is meant to take a lot of time to store up Shiny for a purchase. Thereby encouraging the purchase of Shiny. 

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