10 Compilation of Pet Games in Facebook

Facebook games are getting more and more these days. However, one of the most popular games that are dominating millions of users are about pets. Today MabelGames will list down 10 of the pets games in Facebook that were compiled and reviewed according to my personal rating when playing the games.

Click on the link on the games’ titles here to read further on the reviews:

1. PetVille

This game is a pet simulator developed by Zynga. The pet creation screen is rather simple to follow for any age group. This game is fully 3D and very easy to play with.

2. Jumping Dog

Jumping Dog in Facebook is where a simple gameplay can be made into fun one. The game is developed by Socialgames and I for one find it very interesting.

3. Music Pets

This game however is a bit more different from the other pet games I have encountered so far. Developed by Conduit Labs, this game provides an addition twist to how pet games work.

4. Faunasphere

This game is made for those who love environment friendly theme and interactions with real people and pets (a bit of like Pokemons without the balls)

5. Flying Dog

Flying Dog is a somewhat sequel to the game Jumping Dog. This time player will take control of a circus elephant that help will sent your trusty little dog flying!

6. Happy Aquarium

Happy Aquarium is about a game / simulator about aquariums and raising fishes.

7. Zoo Paradise

The game is designed in such a way that allows you to build your very own theme park zoo and also to manage your customers from there.

8. FishVille

FishVille is a game type simulator that is developed by the same team that brings you Café World (Zynga). The goal of this game is to make your dream aquarium

9. Wild Ones

In Wild Ones, players will be thrown into a battlefield filled with various types of cute animals that will fight.

10. Happy Pets

This game is developed by Crowdstar, which also developed a few other games in pet niche such as Happy Aquarium and Zoo Paradise.

I will include in more pet games in my reviews when I have managed to play the games. So stay tune to MabelGames!

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